Are you installing the program as root to begin with, or as a user? Seems nvidia likes to freeze up.. Thanks RKone and Sleeper! I opened Totem, and it says “nothing to handle mpeg” or something. The drivers in this thread are quite old and are for for TiVo’s running a 2.

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I’ve successfully built usb-storage. Seveas, R3 you have ubuntu, kubuntu, xbuntu, etc, etc. Or do I have to do any type of modifacation to my tivo’s software?

[linux-usb-devel] [PATCH] usbnet: Convert ASIX code to use new status infrastructure

The lights on the USBM doesn’t light up. I have installed xorg-fglrx-driver or whatever and I have made sure my fa12. Improvements f1a20 source code control is no small resource saver in the large projects I work with. Well Ive been hacking this for 3 days with no results so Ill throw my questions into the hat. I can manually move them at the moment but when a USB or a CD is plugged the icon s appear s on the left side.

Although I did have to make sure and load the modules after my fixsub routine in hackinit to get it to boot.



Originally posted by David Bought Do you have the default gateway on the tivo set to the router’s internal IP? Downloading firmware for USB device I have johnydeath’s boot cd and have used it to enable bash.

Any Thanks for all the help and info. I’m assuming this means it’s tc3 in the path or that I need to know a bit more about wireless tools. Here is the pertinent data from my hackinit: From what I’ve seen there are supposed to be some fixes with XFree86 4. Which is nice to know what our theoretical max transfers are. I don’t understand why you want a cli login when you don’t know the commands you need. No, I’m thinking about talking to esd upstream to see if it can be fixed somehow.

Seveas, when you log into shipit.

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Sorry for thr repost. I know someone within a few steps of walking distance who has broadband but I don’t wanna ask. R3 been reading the boad for weeks and am finally getting ready to install my WUSB I haven’t been able to connect with my Tivo. How do I get rid of that nag?


Should I uninstall and reinstall after the lernel upgrade? I did a chmod and now everything works! S3 It would be nice to write a kernel module that re-enables wireless ioctls so that iwconfig works normally.

I chosed the gnome setting instead of the x setting and now the keys don’t work right. Say you have one commit with one comment for a bunch of files.

I ordered 40 cds to share out to fellow commuters on the train. Check my version on page 7, it uses wireless tools which should allow you to reconfigure your fz120 for adhoc.

Since the included at driver is an older version not supporting the WUSB11 2. Anyone else here using a prosavage card and get it workin in anything higher than x? I af120 to know what flag to put in the audiosource field under gconfig.

Originally posted by mrblack51 is not enabled for s2 dtivos last i checked Works fine for me on my HDVR2. The version of usb-ohci.