Of course, motor power could be adjusted from GUI and disbalance is fixable by attaching some weight next to camera. It’s a little heavy but the aluminum build is very solid and durable. Please make informative reviews, reviews under characters all fields combined will not be accepted. Nice gimbal even if manual Tilt control dont. If you don’t understand let someone who knows at least how to install the driver and GUI software set it up for you.

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Tested with GoPro 2 and works perfect and smooth. Log in or Register. The socket for the imu plug was not soldered to the pcb so that came off as the only thing hodling it was the fragile tracks.

3 axis gimbal –

Is there a firmware update? A little bit soft rubber dampers, Vision camera is a little bit heavier than GoPro 2 and 3.

Wasn’t able to get firmware update installed goodluckbuh I have to use older assist software matching to my gimbals firmware. Can anyone help me with the default settings of this gimball so I can correct these in the SimpleBGC?

When I try to flash using the software on the web, I get an error message I forgot exactly what it is. Novice still getting used to it – Ownership: Inspection showed that the PCB has five pins but the cable only has four.


Not a genuine board so it’s not easy timbal change parameters. Best 3D gimbal I’ve goodluckbug so far very stable, dynamic leveling with strong motors perfect accessories in package Good documentation in forum and in Storm32 Wiki prebuilt very well.

Accelerometer is hot glued to camera mount.

3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount with 32bit Storm32 Controller for Gopro 3 4 FPV Black

Best gimbal for gopro. Not sure but I don’t think this is normal behaviour.

Make a users manual. Price is excellent and after a few troubling hours it now seems to be operating as it should.

Hard to explain here without posting a picture. Cost effective solution to getting rid of Jello if you don’t mind the device hanging under the frame. It may be important to you. Works well with SJ type GoPro clones. Pitch cable IS provided – its possible to connect to the NAZA P2 pin without disassembling the Phantom by feeding it thru a slot at top of battery compartment. But it keeps adding On one middle-age Firmware Version 2. Especially a wiring diagram to control pitch.


Please make informative reviews, reviews goodlkckbuy characters all fields combined will not be accepted.

DJI Phantom Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount w/ Motor & Controller for Gopro3 FPV Aerial Photography

It needed about three weeks for timbal. No documentation, as many have made the same critism. Very stable on the initial settings, all you need to connect the bundled. Also when the drone is standing perfecttly still the motors are humming and you can feel the gimball vibrating. Works very well, but not perfect – perhaps will be after I figure out how to make software adjustments.

The parcel came well packedged, the gimbal in a hard paper box with foam. Perfect, Simple and works beautifully.

Considering the very light weight of the goPro or Mobius cameras, the aluminum frame could be thinner. This things a lot of fun!