He began to notice several things that held back the average player, but struggled to find a fix that could help all of them. Long game, short game, everything was broken. Please do not take that as a contradiction to what Mr. Too many golfers either decelerate through the ball or do not complete the swing at the top in a smooth fashion. Every single backswing timed out at 24 frames of broadcast-standard video. Does the gold flex help with over the top?? Have a great season!

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Haney: Curing the Slice

Secondly, I like the sding of the weight in the head—rather than the shaft—because it feels much smoother when you swing it and does not put extra strain on your shoulder sockets. This aid lets the golf swing catch up with you to create maximum lag in the power slot. So what should you buy?

Hey guys, I am an the creator of the TempoTRAINER and I can tell you that the primary area of focus for the product is to develop proper swing tempo whereby the maximum clubhead speed occurs through the ball. Hsney how your comment data is processed.

Haney: Curing the Slice | Golf Channel

Have a great season My Best, Richard. Guy 2 years ago. Mark 6 years ago. So not sure which is better.


The other thing that my teacher, and I have to believe Mr. When on tempo, everything improves, carry distance, spin, launch angle…everything. This is a traiiner golf blog, not a board room. Making just one model allows me to sell that one as inexpensive as possible. And I own them all — and more. It was then that I learned about the six-pound hardened steel rod outfitted with a golf grip.

I recommend the PowerStik hxnk everyone weighing lbs or more. Its a great warm up tool as well and I noticed better driving distance and accuracy when I take practice swings with it while playing.

The Orange Whip provides all of that and more. Hell Yes, it did. Tempo is at the root of being able to repeat a successful swing. Once upon a time there was a Jank player so good that the other pros treated him like a god.

Heavy Swing Trainers

Marc 4 years ago. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That last comment was for Drew on a smaller model—. I come over the top often and was told the Orange Whip would help but the cost has held me back.

When Haneh was winning big and often, he had the most consistent tempo on Tour. All of the above mentioned products are excellent training tools.


However, I can tell you this. May 1, 31 Comments. The reason for incorporating the sliding weight and spring is to accurately teach the principal of zero-max-zero zero at the top of the backwing, max through impact and zero in the top of the follow-through as it relates to clubhead speed. If you traindr not wait for the Gold Flex to catch up with you before you start your down swing you will feel an off balance and vibration in your down swing.

As it is designed, the weight fully compresses the spring until an audible click is heard at around MPH clubhead speed. Drew 6 years ago.

Heavyweight Swing Trainer Roundup

Billed primarily as a strength and distance trainer, the PowerStik has a greater percentage of weight in the head than any other club tested. So I do see a benefit in both. Does the gold flex help with over the top?? Filled the head with sand, filled the shaft traainer sand then used a hole punch as a counterbalance and way of keeping the sand in the shaft.