Go to the VKB Application 9. If I’ve understood the question correctly, you can use whatever nuber you like “” for example, as long as you enter the same code on both when pairing, it doesn’t matter what it is. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The M is listed as being compatible, but I didn’t see the C on the list. Register a new account. Keystrokes are sent to your handheld via a cable that plugs into its serial connector. While iTech claim that the unit is about the size of a ‘cigarette lighter’, it is in fact larger than this, but will still fit easily into a pocket.

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As I pressed the enter key on the projected image, the pairing was instantaneous. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time.

Don’t buy an itech VKB / Virtual bluetooth keyboard / pairing problem

You can also configure the sensitivity of the keyboard. Most of the compatibility complaints you’ll discover itecch independent reviews have to do with finding the right drivers and convincing them to recognize the device. Read about them ages ago, it’s a great idea.

From various reports, the physical connectability is no issue. Anyway, in a nutshell, this is what I did. Hello, I’ve been given one of these to play with but I itevh get it working on my M If you want to turn heads and impress your friends though, the VKB should be ietch the top of your list.


One of the big disadvantages of the VKB is its lack of keys, which will undoubtedly be awkward to type on at first.

Virtual Keyboard Review | ZDNet

Reset must be performed for each new device. It can be set to go into power-saving mode if no one types for a preset time. I’d assume it would need to communicate with the device rather than just sitting passively listening to the COM port.

It’s worth noting itch anything substantial placed between the projection unit and the keyboard may interfere with recognition.

Enter a passkey on both the phone and the keyboard. A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen.

I-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

I would greatly appreciate it. Keystrokes are sent to your handheld via a cable that plugs into its serial connector.

But even the smallest of these folding keyboards represents a significant addition to your travel kit, and they often feel cramped to use. Using a separate infrared module, the VKB is able to detect where the user is typing on the projected keyboard template. We carried out our test in an office, and found brown surfaces better than ietch, and in darker corners generally better than bright ones. Mine reconnects now every time I turn the phone on and the keyboard is on.

It may seem at first like the key-tap sounds would drive you nuts but they may actually serve as a useful replacement for the lack of tactile feedback on a keyless keyboard. Yes I am trying to pair. Things improved after a bit of fiddling with the sensitivity setting, but we still had to restrict our usual touch-typing speed to get the desired accuracy rate. Plus and Minus There are a variety of interesting things that set this apart from the average keyboard.


These settings help in alleviating any typing problems and you should adjust the sensitivity until gkb are comfortable. The projection unit itself measures 92x35x25mm and weighs about 90 grams, which makes it considerably smaller than my cordless mouse.

Hopefully I’ll be able to sell some now! Try it out in Pocket Word Mine reconnects now every time I turn the phone on and the keyboard is on.

Cellulon Virtual Keyboard http: Already have an account? Essentially, it eliminates the need for a cramped iyech on your itrch device, and allows you the freedom of typing on a complete QWERTY keyboard. I’ve just read a review and it contained the following: The use of a cable connection means that the Virtual Keyboard will only work with devices for which cables are supplied.