Its legal affairs committee is expec- ted next week to demand that all of them except the insurance scheme should be scrapped. This new magazine is dedicated to giving you advice you can -be sure of, and insight von can trust We know, where to dig to get the answers you want. Ton ijism o, however, is hardly a precise ideology. But enough of them do, and enough of them are going to screw up their lives if they carry on. Amongst the leadership, however, there was apprehension as wefl.

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Any new powers for the ccmmissioi need to be tightly drawn and clearly aimed at those threats to competition within the Commu- nity which national authorities are unable or unwilling to tackle. Claude ShostaL vice-presi- dent of Cushman Realty, the Los Keyoffie company acting as Col- gate’s development consultant, sees a silver lining in the clouds of Black Monday.

So ihere is neither cause hor time-for squabbling. Evan though the Etysde had warned journalists not to expect any declaration, many still hoped that the Presi- dent would drop a hint No such luck.

He appeared Hi-equipped for the job, and did not even enjoy the confidence of his father, who in tiie final mtwiths before his death buried the hatchet with the rival Volvo camp and apparently bestowed tbe mantle of succes- sion on Pehr GyUenhammar, Volvo’s sophisticated and woridjy chairman.

That judgment should be left to the markets. And if I ever did get tempted, Fd always use a condom. The wreck was discovered in and while most of the objects recov- ered have gone to museums some are being sold to finance the con- tinuation of the search. Another concern Is tint Urn is keyofficce inbufit temptation to settle Haftns below value on a mass volume scale, jb-2825 toe belief that toe cost of further litigation would be disproportionate to any profit toe lawyer might derive from a larger jury award.

In politics you need at least one major ally in order to survive. Now, some senior bureaucrats believe the Government must take back the initiative from the private sector. Now he has gone for Swedish Match. Gold Coast, many of the water- front areas still look like a war zone – abandoned railway yards, rotting piers and derelict ware- Transformation is inevitably long term and against that back- ground, the effects of the stock.


The Cabinet revolves around Mrs Thatcher, with no deputy Prime Minister it meets only when she is in London, and twice in the past month its date has been moved from the usual Thursday to suit her travels.

This is a mammoth goal for a new w d i friet minister, but Ito believes he has both the political strength and the fimds to achieve his objectives.

This idea was trotted out by former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Naka- sane at the last economic summit in Ven- ice. Pot star leyoffice, there are banters of almost every conceivable kfafr time, technology, experience, corporate culture, and marketing.

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Simply to keyofflce a flawed EC merger policy on a hotch-potch of differing national systems would he the worst of all worlds. Defenders of the Amairiwm role, on the other TmumIargue that since MH keyofficw H m is at best uncertain, parties should not be penalised for d efen d ing or p ro keyoffie ec u ting a data. Most criticism, with which Mr De Benedetti identified himself yesterday, has focused on the method adopted fin: But he remained his enigmatic seif, preferring to talk about art and culture.

On the evidence of bis first three years as Soviet le ad e r, he deserves to. THE European Commission is considering new rules for the feheffing control of rafooao- live waste os a result of foe row over allegedly fruity records of foe transport of nuclear material tn and out jof foe Mol reprocess- ing plant near Antwerp.

Now that times are good, they believe, Japan is boarding its own technological advances and refus- ing to share them with, the rest of the world. Tokyo lime, at a ratio of 0. Other Swedish forest products companies have also been buying Continued cm rage 20 Takes htta: The committee said it was not sure the Commission h ad co n- -vindngty shown that its lb-2825 als were necessary for the com- pletion of an internal market.


The material is then highly resistant to such difficult chemicals as methanol, etha- nol. Loan eta be arranged- Very attractive local ion peat mem. She would rather sell her policies outside the House; why defend them inside a ehamUtr that itself shows so little spirit?

The Hague Philharmonic under Hans Vonk. When it heats your premises it produces up to 2Vt times the energy it takes to run. The latest in tbe continuing series of small lempo- nry exhibmone in the C3ore Gallery devoted to the many aspects of tbe mot number of watercolours and drawings in the Turner bequest. Economic reform cannot produce sig- nificant improvements in the standard of living of Soviet citizens in the short nm A possible exception is agricul- tural reform, where some progress has already been made, but not as madias Soviet reformers neecL In the transi- tion to a new pwawmic TTinriri incorpo- rating a significant market element, aid structures win work even less well than in the more stable past, but new ones have yet to be created.

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At about 2am on Wednesday, Magistrate Fayne Thompson’s car was firebombed outside his home. All then is not glitter on thp Gold Coast for either developers or local residents. But it fears the proposals could be challenged in court by some governments – southern mem- ber states in particular think they are too liberal – if the proper procedures are ignored.