Message 3 of This is nothing short of miraculous when compared with the clumsy, desperate fumbling with original disks and serial numbers from the commercial software world. For example, I subscribe directly to the updates to Banshee, an excellent, powerful, free, open replacement for iTunes. I haven’t yet taken the machine on the road, but 24 hours’ worth of battery means that I’ll be able to leave my mains adapter at home for the next all-day conference or travel day, which saves weight overall. I can close the lid, or use the power button to put my x into hibernation mode. Also, battery life is worse.. I don’t have to take a rescue disk on the road with me, don’t have to try to run out to the Apple store at 8:

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ubunti Every time I get a new lappie now, I get a real thrill, a funny phantom association with good health. This makes the X really noisy under Fedora compared to Vista. Suspend to RAM is not working for my configuration. Pete Forsyth 11 3. I’m not sure which is the best.

That’s what free-as-in-beer gets you. That’s not going to shore up your willpower when you crave a cigarette tomorrow. The app that parks the harddrive heads, well there’s no equivalent under Linux yet. I can still really get into the subject, but for the most part, I just want to Get Stuff Done with my computer. I am mainly using Fedora for more than 5 months now, switched from Vista, which still x00 on my hard drive but is only used for photo editing stuff. Sign up using Email and Password.


My new Ubuntu-flavoured ThinkPad is computing heaven | Cory Doctorow | Technology | The Guardian

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. It reaches the noisy rpm only under heavy cpu load and goes back instantly afer the cpu load is back to normal.

Lenovo X Owner’s Thread. Xorg lenoovo even have to be configured. But you also get to disagree with them as much or as little as you want.

I used to run Ubuntu on an XT till last month,the hardware is not supported by Lenovo officially, but i was satisfied with it over all. Is there any hack that ubhntu it working with Hardy Heron? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search ubbuntu by suggesting possible matches as you type. Using Fedora, the fan spins up instantly to rpm and after about 10 minutes of office use lehovo, thunderbird it spins up to rpm louder than the rpm hdd.

Trisquel 7 “LTS” is based on Ubuntu Fedora 11 is a big leap up from Fedora 10 and there’s no way I’m putting Windows back on it. As for battery life and heat, I’ve not noticed a significant heat issue. This graceful failure is wonderful stuff, and after a lifetime of using computers I’ve decided that it’s the thing I value most in my technology. I had some snags getting this machine in, partly because of supply-chain problems with Japanese components from factories affected by the tsunami and earthquake, and partly attributable to Lenovo’s less-than-stellar ordering system, which stands in sharp contrast to the quality of its machines.


The major health benefit you’re going to get from quitting smoking is that you’re not going to get cancer in 20 or 30 years. September 21st, 7.

My new Ubuntu-flavoured ThinkPad is computing heaven

Lenovo X Owner’s Thread So far, the newest ultraportable offering from Lenovo is very close to being fully compatible with Ubuntu 8. September 5th, 3.

You don’t have to jailbreak Ubuntu to get it to run unapproved software. September 9th, 5.

Practically everything in it is free — and it’s been tested and reviewed and described to a nicety, so that whenever you have a need you can just search the Ubuntu Software Centre for something to solve your problem, evaluate the small list of returned options, find the app you want, click and install.

I have a question for you all.

Lenovo X Owner’s Thread I do not have a webcam on my configuration.