The following adapters do not support Jumbo Frames: The driver has two adaptive modes setting 1 or 3 in which it dynamically adjusts the InterruptThrottleRate value based on the traffic that it receives. Defines the direction in which data is allowed to flow. This parameter is supported only on adapters using copper connections. Receive interrupt reduction can improve CPU efficiency if properly tuned for specific network traffic. If you currently have the e driver installed and need to install ee, perform the following: If your version of e is 7.

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A receive buffer is also allocated for each descriptor and can be either,or bytes, depending on the MTU setting.

Linux Driver for IntelĀ® Gigabit Network Connections

This may increase network latency but also increases the chances that the system will enter a lower power state. When setting RxIntDelay to a value other than 0, adapters may hang stop transmitting under certain network conditions. As this value decreases one may want to consider increasing the TxDescriptors value to maintain the same amount of frame memory.

This parameter is only useful when interrupt affinity is specified, otherwise some portion of the time the interrupt could run on a different core than the memory is allocated on, causing slower memory access and impacting throughput, CPU, or both.

This value delays the generation of receive interrupts in units of 1. First identify your adapter. If you have multiple interfaces in a server, either turn on ARP filtering by entering:. The user can turn off this parameter in supported chipsets. A whitepaper containing information on how to best configure your platform is available on the Intel website. If the link partner is forced either full or halfDuplex defaults to half-duplex. If CPU utilization is not a concern, use default driver settings.


This parameter is not supported on the based adapter. Allows changing the interrupt mode at module load time, without requiring a recompile. Using kernel versions earlier than 3. Several adapters with the chipset display “TX unit hang” messages during normal operation with the e driver.

After installing the driver, if your Intel Ethernet Network Connection is not working, verify that you have installed the correct driver. Strip the CRC from received packets before sending up the network stack.

Dynamic interrupt throttling is only applicable to adapters operating in MSI or Legacy interrupt mode, using a single receive queue. LLI parameters are not enabled when Legacy interrupts jgb used. With some Phy and switch combinations, link can take longer than expected. This is caused by the way the Linux kernel reports this stressed condition.

The install location listed above is the default location. This has a possible llnux performance impact, which may be compensated for by allocating more descriptors using the TxDescriptors module parameter. If during this process you are asked for the driver or module name, the name for the Linux Base Driver for the Gigabit family of adapters is ee.


Turning on DMA Coalescing may save energy with kernel 2. Defines the direction in which data is allowed to flow. It is most effective in an environment with many small transactions. To eliminate the potential for the hang, ensure that InterruptThrottleRate is set no greater than 75, and is not set to 0. When igbvf is loaded with default settings and multiple adapters are in use simultaneously, the CPU utilization may increase non-linearly. The configuration change can be made permanent by adding the liinux.

When a spoofed packet is detected the PF driver will send the following message to the system log displayed by the “dmesg” command:.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

To learn the proper way to configure a network device for your system, refer to your distribution documentation. NAPI Rx polling mode is supported in the e driver. If you believe your system needs to disable this style of interrupt, the driver can be built and installed with the command:. An interrupt is sent to the PF driver notifying it of the spoof attempt.