I found the following excerpt on ServeTheHome. Somewhere around IOPS which is fantastic. I am not too crazy about the fileswap provider I found to hold these zip files so if someone could recommend another service I will move them. Monitor Dual x Dell ms 70hz. Options Quote message in reply? Monitor p Hz eDP.

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I 1068r-ir compiled the zip files to contain at least: Added as of 5. Wiki page compilation of this thread work in progress: Thanks to “BRiT”s prior post. Changes are as followed Stage 2, it turns out you must specify what controller you wish to back up the ALL switch is not supported and the N is a place holder for you must input.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. The card is a good card, chipset, etc The cable connections to the HBA and the individual drives are fine. I always had the card already in when adding the OS.


Posted May 4, Password Please enter a password for your user account. Drive Spin Down Support: Okay Raid 10 point taken.

If it has to be windows But before i do, did all the other batch files work? I could definitely create a script to do all this but currently do not have the time and not everyone would be able to follow it, so the batch files make it very clear to all.

Zac B 2, 3 16 I’ve tried connecting the drives to the onboard SATA controller on the motherboard. Operating System Lubuntu Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I’ve tried starting the HBA with multiple drives connected, and just one known good.

Help flashing LSI E to IR | ServeTheHome and Forums

There are faster performing cards channels, etc. Would you mind going through all three stages again So I know this is done completely and help others. Operating System Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.


But having more options than 1 controller is always welcome.

Yes, I declare myself guilty. Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. Share this post Link to post.

Help flashing LSI 1068E to IR

I can tell you that you will have some awesome IOPS li. In a one card system this should always be Zero the default I put in. Whatever it is, it looks nice looks solid. I wanted raid 6 which it doesn’t do so i’m looking at a raid 5.

Is the LSI SAS1068E hardware or software raid?

I dont make firmware. So that’s an interesting take. PCIe x16 will also work.