I used the volt driver through most of the game and enjoyed it besides the recharging after every big fight. More often than not, I find myself using the volt driver based on how cheap the BBs are compared to other ammo. I usually go with the AK. While for non-ranger mode, the duplet gives more cash for the weapon 29 vs. Another can be found in a room guarded by Nazi soldiers in Front Line, right in front of you as you come up the ladder from the canals after going through the secret passage.

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At a glance, the Helsing is one of the most effective guns around. Be careful – this area, especially the entrance, is highly radioactive, and you will lose health rapidly and die if you get disorientated in here. On ranger leave the revolver. Artyom can now holster his firearms to boost his running speed.

Conservation of ammo is a must and every shot counts.

Metro 2033 pneumatic gun making me go CRAZY (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Weapons of Metro Metro Redux Store Page. A negative electrical current is run down one rail, which goes through the projectile, and back down the other rail.

Consider swapping it out only at Driving to Sparta, from whereon only heavy fighting with nosalises and the like will metrl.


Making the situation a bit more finicky, the Helsing’s pressure gauge is somewhat hard to read compared to the blatantly-obvious Tihar’s. One should be very careful here, although there is no other weapon in the game that would kill them in one shot either.

It’s powerful enough to drop your typical humans and mutants immediately with a reasonably placed shot, if that doesn’t work out an extra bolt or two will usually finish the job. Log In Sign Up. Lets face it, a gun can be amazing, but if you run ,etro of ammo its pretty useless.

Weapons in Metro are divided into several categories: Yeah, that is mentioned by Melnik when entering the part where one of the rangers is attacked by a demon. The second time I also used the Kalash and did all the weapons changes like in the first time, and I also used this DLC automatic shotgun, that shotgun worked as a beauty against every type of enemy specially librarians and destroying these biomass spawns.

Weapons of Metro The VSV is a compact pre-war silent assault rifle. Pick it up if your flamethrower is low or if you just feel like it. I finished the game using only the pneumatic rifle and throwing knifes of course for both combat and stealth. This creates many more playstyles and diversifies combat. Not sure about the sell price though, its 40 rounds on survival. Call me old fashioned, but I like the Double-barreled shotgun. And would the Hellsing not be quite risky?


However, this could mean a faster drain on one type of ammunition. Sell all of your weapons at the shop, keep only the basic revolver. The only stealth gun I had any success with was that pnumatic sniper rifle, and that was only good for those situations where you could remain unseen.

Hellbreath (Volt Driver) | Metro Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You need to sign in or create an account to do that. However, you have to be good moving Artyom around while you pressurize it again: This is not an act of piracy. Bear this in mind and it is a true professional’s weapon and one to be respected. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. A good example is the Light Bulb in the small alcove on Black Station – normally, this must be shot out in order to reliably get inside this area to progress, should you be going the Merciful route.

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