Both the laptops are Toshibas. You’re mileage will vary with the Auto-Config feature: The reason why many USB Serial adapters does not work with Windows 10 is because these adapters are made with a low-cost processor chip which complies only with the minimum requirements or less. It does however work on RS This chipset is unique in design and has been tested and improved extensively over several years to offer compatibility with the majority of devices on the market. However later on I had lost my harddrive so after the repairs I reinstalled the latest RSlinx version. Thanks for the replys.

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Follow the link above and check it out. The other adaptor is only good for the RS connecxtions.

On the monday I tried it on the laptop again. Useful optional accessories not included. I have no issues with that.

Wasp MT609-2 USB To Serial Converter – New No Box

I purchased several converters from you guys, this one works well too. Originally posted by mordred On RS linx it should show a computer screen entitled 00 uic. I’ve probably ussb more than I remember. I’ve tried it on 3 laptops of different manufacturers. First off you want your switch towards the rs rs serial port. T don’t think so because I’m running the lastest version of RSlinx, v2.


Our USB serial adapter easily adds a serial COM port to your desktop or laptop, for general office, commercial and industrial use.

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Originally posted by mordred instead I used a standard cat 5 cable off the UIC. Thank goodness I haven’t had a call to work on one of these in fifteen years. This was the only way I was able to succesfully change the station number. Because of this you will in many cases be unable to make a low-cost USB serial adapter work with Windows 10 or even earlier versions of Windows and you can expect some of the following typical errors: At least with the DFI protocol.

Thanks for the replys. I would have to deny any experience with them.

Yes, I’ve tried it on a Micrologix and ; no luck. I wouldn’t give it away as its the only one I found that works on the rs connections. I then tried comm 10, and all was well!

I find it hard to believe that there is many errors in the AB brochure. Thus all major operating syste And that is exactly what I have displayed in the RSwho window.


If I can’t get these UICs to work, I’ll give them to another controls guy to play with and get the converters you found worked. One more anomaly that I did not find documented in AB literature: Wait a few seconds and reconnect the UIC cycling power 5. Guess I better try AB.

Were you able to get past it? Wow, thats amazing you’ve seen one lately. Your header in Here.

CSI MT609-2 USB Adapter Driver Win2000

The product has been added to the shopping cart. I verified the port settings first by connecting to the with a standard RS port then set the UIC driver settings to uxb same. I think it more likely that there is some incompatability somewhere in the driver. Displaying 1 to 10 of 14 reviews. Maybe with the USB port.