In earlier versions this backend failed when it was loaded the second time in some configurations. Now the pclos gnomes don’t have to try and figure out why it was fubar. The gksu extension for nautilus allows you to open files with administration privileges using the context menu when browsing your files with nautilus. See sane-ma 5 for details. I do have a Linux for Dummies book as required reading, but these file permissions are really not explained except in outline.

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Logging on as root overrides Linux security I’ve had this message in Terminal.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. If I can’t get it to run in Linux, maybe I can get it to run in Windows 10, but that would be my last hope. But it refuses to save because of file permissions. BUGS These devices have a hardware bug: At present, the following scanners are known to work more or less with this backend: I always use xsane for my scanning needs.

That worked in Linux with only a driver needed for the SCSI card itself, not an actual scanner driver.

Mustek ScanExpress UB plus scanner install – The Linux Community Forum

This file has to be in a specified folder which I have had to create for my scanner to be supported. That means, any operation that tries to reset the device will result in llnux into timeouts.


So far so good.

Here is what I get when in Terminal I type sudo: Which Linux distro and desktop are you using? It seems I am not in the sudoers file wherever scabner might be located. And how do I get Linux to accept actions without recourse to these constant file permissions?

Reports for other operating systems are appreciated. I have a mustek UB scanner and Ubuntu would recognize it but not scan from it, simple scan would tell me that it is unable to connect to the scanner and xsane would tell me. If the value of the environment variable ends with the directory separator character, then the default mystek are searched after the explicitly specified directories.

sane-mustek(5) – Linux man page

The following options can be used: Thanks again for the information. Try this Internet site: There are multiple sources for this but they all seem to be based on this thread. Many thanks for the information – I would never have found this without your help.

I’m still having to run it from Terminal, but once there Nautilus is more right clickable linu it was.

It is automatically included when installing task-printing-scanning. If your logged in as root you “should” be able to edit it I now have it working in Fedora 11 Gnome desktop. I’m using Fedora 11 and this does not seem to offer the Nautilus – gksu mustsk, but I’ve found what I think is something similar – Beesu.


I can understand the need for a genuine network to be bullet proofed, but my network is only for my use with a desktop and notebook to keep in sync and an elderly desktop running Ubuntu 9 for backup when Windows messes up my HDD.

Copy the file you found on the Internet into this folder. Empty lines and lines starting with a hash mark are ignored. For a good explanation of why you shouldn’t log on as root, see here: Yet I still can’t cut and paste or use right click. As I mentioned XSane does not see the Mustek scanner, altho it does see two other sanners, one on the network and one on a USB port on a networked machine.

I’ve now edited the file and made some progress towards getting to a working scanner. The backend uses a workaround for that bug now but it’s only tested on Linux.